Meet the Artist Behind the Brand!

Saija Salminiitty Cleary, Taru founder, circa 1990s

Saija Cleary, clearly ready for a life of fashion, circa 1990's

Well, hello there! Thanks for taking a moment to find out more about the story behind Taru :)

As you may know, my name is Saija S. Cleary and I am the wizard behind the screen here at House of Taru, as both designer and artist, but also customer service, packaging, shipping, design.... you name it, I probably do it!


But not without a little help from my partner in crime, the Clyde to my Bonnie, Nate Cleary. He has put up with nearly a decade of my creative dreams and shenanigans, has been my biggest cheerleader from day one, and continues to support my visions to this day.

Saija and husband Nate, team Taru duo!

I have always been artistically driven, and can't remember a time when I wasn't drawing and daydreaming new ideas. Including a sometimes unique choice as far as fashion went! As I got older my love for art continued, but I also discovered the excitement of the world of fashion, and an appreciation for the transformative magic that can be found through clothes. Between flipping through pages of Vogue and any other high fashion publications I could get my hands on, or learning all I could from shows that I watched bonding with my mother as a teenage girl, my knowledge grew too. This understanding of how clothes worked, and how to dress a female figure, definitely has come in handy now years later as a designer myself. As I try to bring my artistic vision to clothing, I am also constantly thinking about how designs will flow with the body, and toiling away to make sure little things line up just so. The devil is in the details!  So while my leggings may look a little wild, intense thought and effort has been put into bringing the designs to life.

I was also brought up with a deep gratitude for life, as well as examples of generosity, that have been deeply important values to me. I knew when starting my brand that those values were something that I simply had to meld into my business itself. I am humbled each day that I get to be here fulfilling my life's dream, and in return I love being able to share some of that positivity right back into the world.

(Why did I choose to donate 11%? It is both my numerology value and lucky number, that seemed fitting!)

Saija and sister Sonja, present day Taru fan!

 Many of my designs are inspired by nature and animals, and it is not a coincidence!  I have always had an intense love for animals, which has continuously translated into my artistic work. Even as an adult I find myself drawing inspiration from many of the same things that I so loved as a child. Many of the charities and non-profits that I have chosen to support through Taru benefit earth's flora and fauna, which is only fitting as someone who counted Animal Planet as a childhood favorite!

(And a childhood animal lover grows up to have a lot of furbabies!)

The Cleary Clan

Thanks for taking the time to learn some more about me!

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