Taru was founded in late 2018 by Saija S. Cleary, as she finally pursued her dream of merging artistic passion, love of fashion, and desire to make a difference in the world.

After many months of toiling away, Taru launched with a series of uniquely designed leggings, crafted with an impeccable eye to detail.

Currently still run as a one-woman show, Saija is incredibly excited to share her vision with the world, and still has big dreams for what is still yet to come!


The daughter of Finnish & American parents, legend has it Saija was born in Finland sometime during the 90's. Already culturally rich thanks to her dual heritage, her world view was further expanded as she spent many years of her childhood in Tanzania and Tokyo.

Much of her adult life has been spent living all over the state of California, although she was grateful to indulge in her globe-trotting roots with the opportunity to live abroad in both Dublin, Ireland and Dakar, Senegal. She is currently back living in the States, but still has the unquenchable desire to travel.

Art & the Artist

Working primarily in traditional, old-school mediums, it was quite the daunting task learning how to adapt to the digital realm. However, Saija credits the fusion of skills for the unique appearance of her designs. Creating digitally has quickly become one of her favorite methods of working, although she still likes to include some her her painterly past in the process.

While most of her professional life was spent as an artist, she always had a gnawing desire to sink her teeth into the fashion industry. Some of her earliest attempts at blending her artistic talent and fashion were published and featured in the book "Customize Your Clothes" which came out in 2012. It may not have been pursued in earnest until years later, but the idea of wearable art had been simmering at the back of her mind for all those years.