For those days when you feel just a little foxy! This is a very special design, as I will be donating ALL net proceeds to the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center. Foxes have been near and dear to my heart since childhood so it was incredible to discover by chance that such a non-profit organizatin so dedicated to the animal I love happened to be in my backyard. They may be best known for their adorable fox ambassadors, but they do great work educating the public about these amazing animals, as well as advocating against fur farms. So treat yourself to a pair of fox leggings, while helping support these wonderful furballs.

This design is available exclusively through the center and here at www.houseoftaru.com

100% of profits from the "FANTASTIC MRS. FOX" design will be donated to the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, all Taru leggings are now made to order.

All pieces are made and shipped from the U.S., and estimated wait time to shipping is 2-3 weeks, although leggings are occasionally available sooner. Limited stock may also occasional be available. This allows us to operate with minimal waste, and hopefully will allow for a more customized experience as we grow! We are always here if you have questions or need updates on your order.

Taru signature leggings feature:

  • 85% recycled polyester / 15% spandex premium REPREVE® fabric
  • moisture wicking, discreet gusset, and slight compression properties making them great for both active wear AND fashion
  • reinforced upper waistband stitching, to keep it (and our tummies) flat – no elastic needed
  • designs are printed with sublimation technology, meaning they will not fade or bleed, and will remain as vibrant as day one
  • inner waistband details, unique to each design... sometimes it's the little things!
  • and not to forget the art of course! All artwork is placed individually for each size of a design, to make sure they look amazing no matter which size you wear. You are not one size fits all, and neither should be your leggings!


REPREVE® is made from BPA-free plastic bottles, and in addition to giving new life to recyclable materials, emits less greenhouse gases and conserves more water & energy than newly fabricated polyester, further helping our environment.

International customers, please confirm your customs obligations prior to purchase; some countries charge extra for imported goods! These fees are your responsibility, so let’s leave surprises for fun things like parties :)

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